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Schedule & Tickets For Limp Bizkit 2014 Endless Slaughter Tour With Machine Gun Kelly

Update 11/20/2014 Both the Machine Gun Kelly "No Class" Tour & the Limp Bizkit "Endless Slaughter" Tour have come to an end. Machine Gun Kelly does have another concert scheduled. Use the links below for constantly updated concert schedules.


Don't want to miss Limp Bizkit in concert? See Limp Bizkit in concert by using the link below for a constantly updated tour schedule. Limp Bizkit will likely add more concerts in the future:

Updated Limp Bizkit Tickets & Concert Dates

Updated Machine Gun Kelly Tickets & Concert Dates

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Updated Limp Bizkit Tickets & Concert Dates

Updated Machine Gun Kelly Tickets & Concert Dates

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The Machine Gun Kelly "No Class" Tour will meet the Limp Bizkit "Endless Slaughter" Tour. The "No Class" Concert Tour kicks off with a concert in Tulsa, OK at the Cains Ballroom on September 24, 2014. The Limp Bizkit "Endless Slaughter" Tour is currently in progress. The 2 tours will collide for an 8 concert trek on September 30, 2014. The "No Class" Tour, although subject to further changes, is currently scheduled to wrap up with a concert in Bloomington, IL on October 26, 2015 at The Castle Theatre. The "Endless Slaughter" (also subject to changes) will finish up with a concert at the end of the 8 concert trek in Silver Spring, MD at The Fillmore on October 12, 2014.

Machine Gun Kelly released his 8th mixtape "Black Flag" (tracklist below) in 2013. MGK has release the song "Wanna Ball" & it's video as a prelude to the tour. He is expected to release his debut studio album shortly.

Limp Bizkit released their 6th studio album "Gold Cobra" (tracklist below) in 2011. The album peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. They are expected to release "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" some time in the near future.

Tracklist for the "Gold Cobra" album is as follows:

1. "Introbra"
2. "Bring It Back"
3. "Gold Cobra"
4. "Shark Attack"
5. "Get a Life"
6. "Shotgun"
7. "Douche Bag"
8. "Walking Away"
9. "Loser"
10. "Autotunage"
11. "90.2.10"
12. "Why Try"
13. "Killer in You"

Tracklist for the "Black Flag" album is as follows:

1. "Raise The Flag"
2. "Breaking News"
3. "Pe$o" (featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill)
4. "Black Tuxedo" (featuring Tezo)
5. "Mind Of A Stoner" (featuring Wiz Khalifa)
6. "D&G" (featuring Sean McGee)
7. "Skate Cans"
8. "50 (Interlude)" (featuring French Montana)
9. "Baddest"
10. "Miss Me?" (featuring Dub-O)
11. "Street Dreams"
12. "Swing Life Away (Rise Against Cover)" (featuring Kellin Quinn)
13. "Home Soon"
14. "Dark Side Of The Moon"